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Why WordPress?

WordPress is used on millions of sites form the simplest little blog to huge brand names like the New York Times, People, Flickr and more. There are several reasons why we encourage clients to build or switch to the WordPress platform. Here are a few:

1.)   As a business owner, your number one priority is to get visitors to your website so they can learn about what you do and eventually become customers. WordPress gives you a great base to improve your SEO and get ranked for the keywords your customers are searching for.

Google loves WordPress: Search Engine Optimization is a very important component for clients to reach new customers. It’s one thing to have a beautiful site, quite another to get traffic to it. As the world turns toward the Internet to find things, it becomes increasingly important for you to get your listing “up there” in the search engines. WordPress is a Search Engine Friendly platform. By starting with a WP site, you’ve got a great start to getting better rankings. The WP platform lets us easily add update/add content to our site regularly. Search engines love to see fresh content on sites and opt for the regularly updated sites/blogs.

2.)   It is easy to add content to your site to keep it active and up-to-date. Some clients prefer that we do this for them, however, if a client wants to update their own site – they can easily do it with WordPress, with no programming knowledge whatsoever. We tell our clients “if you can do Word –you can do WordPress.”

3.)   More and more people are using mobile devices and tablets to find information on the Internet. All of our WordPress sites are developed to be “responsive”, meaning that they look good and function well on any device.

When you add up these features and more, you find that a WordPress site will grow with you and you business over the years and ultimately deliver the internet results you want.

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