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Why do I need a Vector Logo?

Why do I need a “vector” logo? What does it mean? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

What is a vector based graphic?

Professional logos are designed in vector-based programs, like Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are made up of points and paths that represent the image on the computer. Pixel based graphics (often called raster or bitmap) are made of individual bits, or pixels that represent the image on the computer.

So what’s the benefit of having a vector-based logo?

Vector based images can be scaled by any amount without degradation of the image. This is essential with logo design since it will be used in a vast number of formats and variety of sizes. You want your logo to be look as crisp and clear on your trade show banner as it does on your business card.

Pixel based images do not enlarge well. The quality is lost and you will have a blurry image. Everything on the web is low resolution (72dpi), so if you copy your logo off your web site it will not be suitable for print.

So how do I tell which is the vector file?

A vector file will usually have the extension .eps or .ai. Unless you have Adobe Illustrator, you won’t be able to open this file, however this is the file that your design professional or print vendor needs to ensure the best print quality for your prjects.

Pixel-based images saved out of Illustrator will most likely be saved as a .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png or .psd file. You will not have good results if your logo is presented this way. Also, saving a Photoshop file as an .eps file does not produce a vector file. The logo has to be produce in a vector -based program to begin with.

A vector logo will be the most universally useful to you, your printers and other vendors. When working with a logo designer, be sure that your logo is being created in vector format and make sure you request the final vector files.

When we finish a logo project for a client, we provide the vector files in all necessary color formats as well as pixel-based logo files (.jpg) in a variety of sizes that the clent can use on Word Docs etc.. We also provide a color pallet which can be used in all subsequent marketing and web materials.

Do you have a vector logo?

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